Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It has been over a year since I last wrote a blog post.  I think my whole idea about blogging was a little different than most people. I write from my heart, and my heart is focused on my faith, family, and friends.  I am not one to show photos of my home, nor do I have any special talents to share with others.  My only gift to blogland is connecting heart and soul with like minded individuals.

With that said, I lost many followers for whatever reason, and that is not really important anymore.  I really believe that what I write about is directed to a little different blog personality.  I became uninspired, and disenchanted with the whole process of blogging, and so I decided to drop the blogging altogether.

Ok, so back to why I am writing.  I just found out that one of the sweetest most caring and lovely bloggers has passed away.  Her name is Sandra Dias, and her blog name was THE VERANDA HOUSE.  I have no idea when she passed nor how she died or any other details.  The only correspondence I received after much searching, was from her niece, who said basically "Sandra is RIP".  That's it.  It has been over a year since I spoke to her on the phone and she stopped posting on her blog because she discovered facebook.  However, I wanted to say a few things about Sandra.  She was never afraid to open up her heart and feelings to her blog friends.  She struggled through financial loss, bankruptcy, and losing her home.  Her husband was in a serious trucking accident, and sustained severe head injury.  Sandra said he was never the same since that accident.  She also suffered many physical ailments, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and complications of medical treatments for RA.  She never lost her faith, always remained positive, and loved intensely those who were in her life, including her internet friends.  She was a woman of faith, and being Mexican American, she had a devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and always prayed with me over the phone.

My heart has been heavy these days and even though I never met Sandra face to face, I felt a bonding that words cannot express.  I know that Sandra is happy and healthy again.  She is with Jesus and in that place that He prepared for all of us.  She knows all the secrets of the world, all her questions are answered and is re-united with her mother and those she loved here on earth who have passed.  Sandra will be missed by many, especially me.  If you get an opportunity, you can visit her blog   http://verandahousesandra.blogspot.com/   I am sure many will remember her when you do.

My dearest sister friend, Sandra, I found out that you have left this world to be with Jesus in Heaven. My heart is sad, but I know your joy is complete. I also know that the Virgin of Guadalupe has embraced you in her motherly arms and guided you to the place where our Lord has promised us. You now know all the secrets of the world, your questions are answered, and there is no more doubt and fear in your heart. Your pain is gone and you are happy and at peace. I will cherish all the many phone calls with you sharing our traditions, our faith, our family, our foods, our children, our thoughts and fears and questions. You were a beautiful, sweet, and caring friend and I will never forget you. Your family that I tried to contact will not give me any information about your passing, but I will place your name in my book of remembrance and mention your name in prayer. Be happy, my friend, and know that I cared. love, ginny

(added note:  I finally did find out that Sandra passed away on February 23, 2014, from cancer)